Back to Work

You’ve probably noticed I haven’t posted in awhile. I went back to work full time and I’ve been super busy. I’ll update soon on how we’ve been. Let me just say things have continued to improve.

This is what I’ve been up to this evening. Just sorted out 240 oz of milk to donate. I am so glad to be able to bless another mama and baby even with everything we have gone through.WP_20130830_005And I finally finished sorting out the rest of my milk to get a total count, 675 oz total for the first four months! Here are some more bags ready to be donated soon.WP_20130830_006


2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Hi – wanted to know if the lip tie results ever got any better? My 4 month old is scheduled to have it done this week, and I am getting nervous that it will make breastfeeding more difficult.

    • Breastfeeding has been so much easier since his lip tie revision. It was amazingly better immediately after then got worse again but never worse than before the revision. It has again improved with having massages daily. I am also working with a speech therapist to make sure all his muscles around his mouth are working correctly but that is more to avoid future speech problems than to improve breastfeeding. If you are having pain or difficulty breastfeeding, know that I personally have not heard anyone say it was worse after revision than it was before. The revision isn’t typically a cure all and bodywork like craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, and/or massage are often needed. Either way you are likely to see great improvement. Some children initially have difficulty feeding after revision because of soreness or learning to use their muscles again. Whatever you use for pain relief along with lots of breastfeeding to retrain the mouth should help get over that initial hump though. Feel free to follow me at my Facebook page to get updates for new posts or to contact me through messaging if you want to discuss your little one’s specific revision more. I’d love to hear how it goes.

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